Description of neXtSIM-F to be created from the current ‘Product description’ by Anton and Tim.

Forecasts are generated daily using neXtSIM-F on a 3km Langrangian grid. neXtSIM-F is currently under development and is based on the neXtSIM sea ice model which is currently being developed at NERSC. The initial forecast conditions are computed by assimilating daily satellite thickness and concentration fields from SMOS and AMSR2-ASI into the previous forecast. The model is forced with ECMWF and TOPAZ forecasts of the atmosphere and ocean.

Forecasts are finished and uploaded at roughly 5 am each morning. The latest forecast can be downloaded from the following ftp server:

Currently each forecast is represented by a single panel of plots depicting ice concentration, thickness, and the volume fraction of ridged ice. The arrows show the drift over the last 24 hours. Forecasts are evaluated in regards to ice concentration, thickness, and drift with a 10 day delay and also uploaded to the ftp server. If you are interested in a specific aspect feel free to contact us.